Steam Turbine Overhaule Scope of Work

Steam Turbine Overhaule scope of work:
  • Steam Turbine Simple Overhaule (SI): 
- Checking Bearing condition.
- Checking Bearing Clearance
- Check the shaft alignment
- Checking Valve HP turbine Governing movement. Governor oil pressure
- Check the condition of the blade last LP Turbines.
- Checking Steam Strainer
- Calibration Turbine protection tools and measuring instruments.
  • Steam Turbine Mean Overhaule (ME): 
- That Simple Inspection scope of work plus with the work include:
- Opening turbine casing upper
- Check the condition of the whole turbine blades.
- Check the clearance between the rotor and stator
- Checking the sealing system.
  • Steam Turbine Major Overhaule (SE) 
- That Scope ME jobs plus work include: 
- Turbine Rotor Lift and clean the crust of dirt / rust. 
- Remove the fixed blade diaphragm and cleaning it. Stator and rotor cleaning. If removing difficult, cleaning dirt stator and rotor can be done by sand blasting. 
- Checking the rotor and stator defective parts and make repairs if necessary or replace the damaged part. 
- Replace Bearing clearance when it was over 
- Replace all equipment removed, and record clearance.

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