Steam Turbine Maintenance

Steam Turbine Maintenance
Steam turbine maintenance intended to ensure the safety of turbine operation and keep the steam turbine on optimum performance. Maintenance which performed on the turbine divided several conditions, namely:

  • Turbine maintenance during operation is usually performed as required because the type of work performed is not much, like cleaning Bearing lube oil filter, lubricate Rail / Sliding Bearing pedestal parts etc.

  • Turbine maintenance over time stop operating just check readiness for safe turbine operation again, like checking Insulation Casing HP Turbines and fix it if there is damage to insulation, as well as checking the readiness of turbine equipment for operating. When time stopped quite a while so Turning Gear operated for a moment to avoid permanent deflection shaft.
  • Overhaule maintenance on the turbine is based on the time base. Simple Overhaule done when the turbine has been operating 8000 hours or approximately 1 year in operation. Mean Overhaule done  after turbine  16,000 operating hours or approximately  2 years after operating. Major Overhaule done when the turbine operates 32,000 Hours

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